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Thread: Anybody want to go to the range on base tomorrow?

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    Default Anybody want to go to the range on base tomorrow?

    So I had a buddy bail on me today about heading out to the range on base tomorrow. I just bought a rifle (first one ever) and don't really know how to mount my scope or site it in. He was going to help me out and teach me the ins and outs, but something came up and he had to cancel. I really want to get out to the range... I have only shot a handful of rifles, but owning my own now is driving me crazy knowing I might not be able to shoot it for a while (without an intro to its use first).

    Anybody interested in trying out the base shooting range tomorrow in exchange for helping me get comfortable with my new rifle?

    Let me know... I plan to head that way around 3ish or after.

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    Check your pm's

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    Wish I could help you out, I'm always looking for a shooting buddy. Unfortunately I'm a little out of range at the moment.


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