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Thread: First Ptarmigan!

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    Default First Ptarmigan!

    I spent the last week in the Kenai Mountains working on my husband's DC001 tag... Not such a great hunt for caribou, but there were tons of tundra chickens, and I had my first chance at upland bird hunting!

    I have to say, I think I'm hooked. There's just such a thrill when they take wing... And tasty, too!

    All the pictures are on my friend's camera, unfortunately, but I'll post when I have them.

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    Congrats! ptarmies are very good table fare indeed. My son and I along with a couple friends cooked up 11 of them we shot last year when we weren't having any luck for big game. I'm looking forward to putting some more on the table this year as well.

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

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    Congratulations! It just gets better from here on out.


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    Welcome to Upland Bird Hunting. For my money, the best small game hunting.
    I hiked Crow Creek pass today and I didn't see any grouse or ptarmagin.
    I did see a 300lb black bear across the creek eating a moose carcass. Really makes things exciting.
    Good luck to you, Alaska is a beautiful place to hunt in the fall.


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