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Thread: Flooded trail at cottonwood creek

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    Default Flooded trail at cottonwood creek

    Well it was easy to get out there, not anymore. We must of had one heck of a tide over the last couple of days. Pretty much the entire trail was covered with water today. Hopefully it goes down soon. I almost swamped my quad in the really bad hole. All you guys who hunt out there probably know the one I am talking about. The good news is, I shot a limit of birds today. It seems there may be a few migrators moving down. I had 2 really nice flocks come in, big fat birds with bright orange feet, and almost out of eqlipse. I also got to give my little brother a lesson on letting the birds work with 1 of the flocks. I had them circle 3 times before they committed. It was pretty awesome for him. He only managed 1 teal though.
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    The big tide is tonight, there is a 34.1, that will flood a lot of area. That is the biggest tide of the year, I think, we don't see them over 34' too often, although there is another one in a month.
    Good to hear there are a few birds around, the reports I have been getting are not good.


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