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Thread: 17 foot Grumman for sale?

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    Default 17 foot Grumman for sale?

    I have a 17 foot Gruman square stern that my wife keeps telling me to get rid of. I have not used it in about ten years as I bought a larger power boat. I keep telling her that one of the kids may use it some day but she does not care. I am not sure if I will sell it but does $600.00 seem out of line? It does not leak and has a camo paint job for duck hunting. I used to run up and down Birch creek with a 5hp motor on it with two small kids and two adults in it with no problem. Any help would be great thanks.

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    Default Might be interested.

    I think the price on Grummans varies a lot depending on the model. I looked at some on Craigslist, and saw a couple of double-ended 17 footers for about 6, and some larger 19ish foot freighters for up to $1600. If you decide to sell it I might be interested. If you decide to sell, a PM would be great.
    Thanks, Justin.


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