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Thread: Interesting article on ELTs here at home in AK.

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    Default Interesting article on ELTs here at home in AK.

    Note that new ELT in the Stevens plane failed... got disconnected from the antenna in the accident. But the complaint that it took 4 whole hours in wilderness Alaska to get to them seems short-sighted given the national statistics, much less Alaska.
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    That is a good article. About six weeks ago one of our planes landed upside down on a glacier. Thankfully all aboard were alright. The ELT was activated and the aeroclub was quickly alerted by SAR. The fellows were rescued soon after. This was one case that all went well because of a working ELT.

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    The new 406 mhz system is so much better than the old 121.5 mhz. My mechanic and I installed the new ELT in the same base as the old Pointer 3000, an aluminum plate rivited into the bagage door bulkhead and to the skin of aircraft. If it tore loose the plane would be rolled up in a ball and it probably would not be survivable. Out side of a in the clouds running into a moutian at cruise speed kind of crash, there is always that switch up front that activates the ELT. If you know you are going down and have 5 seconds before crash, SAR should have a good location. The last point I would like to make is the number of false alarm searches that can be avoided. A month or so after we installed the new 406 mhz system I accidently activated the elt, a few minutes a Lt Col with SAR called my cell and I appoligized for the incident and that was that. I think the new system is much better than the old 121.5, blind system.
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