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Thread: Chena River Water Height

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    Wife is heading out of town for the weekend which means more fishing for me (and a rush job on errands Sunday before she gets home). That being said I was going to hit the Chena for some grayling (any reports).

    Last time I went up (10 days ago) the water was really high and my usual holes had zero grayling. I mean I usually get 15-20 in this same stretch of water so I was pretty stumped to get goose egged. And even on the worst days I can still see the fish just not get them to bite but this time I saw nothign. That being said I have never fished this particular area (near mile 32) this late in the summer so maybe they have moved farther down/up stream?

    No matter what I will probably give it a run so if anyone has any thoughts (especially regarding potential flies to take as I may take the travel fly rod to see about getting some more experience with it).

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