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    what would it cost to cut down recrown and put the sight back on a ruger super red hawk with a 7 inch barrel cut to a 5 1/2 inch barrel

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    It's been many years since I got the quote, and I never had the work done, but as I recall Jack Huntington said he'd do the job for $150 (plus shipping), which also included bead blasting the barrel and cylinder. If you're having the work done on a 454 or 480 there is the issue of the factory finish, and my solution was to have him bead blast the barrel and cylinder for aesthetics.

    Some shops have fictures to re-crown the barrel in a mill w/o removing it from the frame, Jack's method is to heat the frame to soften up the factory adhesive, remove the barrel to crown it on the lathe, then screw the barrel back in to put the front sight back on. Jack does great work and I wouldn't hesitate to use him, it's just my 7 1/2" 480 shoots so well that I was afraid to mess with success, and I haven't gotten around to getting another 480 to have it cut down.

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    We do that service, but its a bit more involved than cutting the barrel down. You will be into the cut and remout for $150, we need to slab the barrel side $50 and bead blast $90


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