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Thread: Black Bears near Anchorage

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    Default Black Bears near Anchorage

    So here's the question to all you that know how to get r done.

    I am coming to Anchorage to spend some time with my son. I would like to take him out and look for some black bears to try and put a stock on but this is my limitations.

    I can only pick him up at nine in the morning and have to come back in the late evening so an over nighter is out of the question.

    We have good optics, and the right gear, just need a place to start looking.

    I was thinking the Girdwood area but have never been down there. If anyone can think of something or somewhere for us to look I would really appreciate the help.

    PM me if you can give a hand. Oh and we will be hunting with a rifle.

    Thanks all

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    Crow Pass, thread near the top of the page should have info, in Girdwood. Bird ridge, Indian Valley, Falls Creek areas come to mind. All on the way down towards Girdwood. E.R. area and Eklutna are bow only. There is the valley, near Hatcher Pass, Sutton area, Butte area, Turnagain pass area. Cooper landing and cooper lake. Just depends and time. Day trips are doable. Might take a few trips of scouting and glassing to find an area that will meet your time frame. I am in a hurry otherwise I would send a PM or even go with you guys for fun. Hitting early in the AM for a sheep hunt. Good luck and post how it goes for you two.


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