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Thread: Valley moose hunting?

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    Default Valley moose hunting?

    Hi guys my name is Marc I was wondering if anyone wanted to give some tips on places where to moose hunt in the valley. Just moved here recently and would appreciate any help! I've read alot of tips but don't really know where to go!

    Thanks for any help fellas!

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    I would try the woods! Beyond that my first stop would be DNR. Find public land and insure that you are on it. Private land is not posted and it is up to the hunter to insure that he/she is hunting legally. Look for drainages that are choked with willow and alder. these spots get overlooked because they are impossible to hunt. THen get high and sit still. glass and reglass. Have a couple of friends on speed dial as you will need help dressing, quartering and packing out.

    be safe and good luck.

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    It's my opinion, the hunting is a lot better down toward Anchorage.
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    Time is what you need.....when I first moved here I checked out every spot that anyone recomended. 20+ days later I shot my first Alaska big game animal. A fat forked horn down in Pt. Mackenzie. You'll find what your after if you put in the effort.

    Do you have a wheeler or walk in only? Try the Hay Flats on the way to Anchor town.....I have seen spikes and forks there every year in the early season. Try out towards Petersville......these are a couple of spots that get hunted a lot but at least its a place to start. I have seen legal animals in season at both. Give it a shot. Good luck.


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