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Thread: Rhino Clutch Upgrades

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    Default Rhino Clutch Upgrades

    has anyone with a rhino played with their clutch to get more low end torque. i realize changing springs in my centrifigal clutch, weights in my primary and springs in the secondary all changes the way the clutch works, but has anyone done any of these things and what was your outcome? i mostly need low end power like when you have a cut up moose in the back and are brushbusting a half mile back to the trail where you have to crawl along at a slow pace. i have my clutch apart now cleaning it out and was thinking if i could improve it, this would be the time. thanks

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    I bought a Duners kit from UTVcrap. They said it would help with the low end, but I didnt notice anything. You need to get over to rhinoforums and search around there. If I remember right most guys were doing an orange spring and 13 g weights.


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