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    Default Alaska Packing List

    I'm sure you guys could tear this apart but it worked out pretty good for me. A friend that had been up 8x really helped us pack and understand how to do things.

    First time trip to SW Alaska for Silvers, Pinks, Grayling, Trout, Pike & Varden with one flyout from Anchorage and a long boat ride to the camp. Nice camp, a 2 shower/week type deal in climate where rain can occur every day. If we planned on wade fishing all day. I'd heavy up the socks and add long underwear to wader pants.

    I used a 50 lb digital fish scale to weigh at home. Airline scales were accurate, air taxi scales weighed 5-10% heavy it seemed.

    Alaska List

    I was shooting for 70 lbs total and things that would wick and dry fast, avoid cotton. This was a “rough it” trip.

    Redhead Wheeled Bag – 13 lbs - Waterproofed
    Breathable Waders w/repair kit
    Wader Boots
    Duck hunting weight Fleece Wader Pants
    Waterproof hat and/or quick drying baseball hat

    LED Hat light or small flashlight

    Baby wipes. About 1/day. Quick cleanup.

    Eyeglass repair kit

    Performance Undershirt (Thermax, UnderArmour, etc)
    Performance Long John
    Thin Fleece top or fleece vest
    Thick Fleece top
    Performance layering shirt of some sort
    Nylon Fishing Shirt – hot day or camp wear
    Nylon Fishing Pants – Camp Wear
    Nylon Pants or something to wear at night in bed

    Underwear – 1 pair for 2-3 days (suit yourself)
    2 Sock Liners
    2 Thick Merino Wool / Nylon / Spandex Sock (4 days)
    OR rinse in river and dry after 4th day
    Small/Medium Bath towel

    Backpack or Boat Bag to use as carry-on. Waterproof all bags, backpack with heavy doses of spray. Water Bottle(s) – fill up night before so you have water during the day. I bought a NorthFace Jester Backpack, worked perfect – 2 bottle holders. You can also use one bottle for jerky, trail mix, etc.

    Travel toiletries, hand sanitizer, hand liquid soap, lighter or matches. You are in Alaska, even with outfitters you can get stranded.

    Tackle Boxes
    2 or 3 fly rods- All 4-5 piece – 4/5/6 and 7/8 is most common. If King fishing, 10 wt.
    4 fly fishing Reels – 2 WF Floating and 2 Sink tip
    Salmon / Steelhead hooks in 2-10, mainly 6 & 8
    Salmon/Trout Bead Assortment

    #2-5 Vibrax assortment
    Little Cleo & Pixee Spoons
    Toothy fly leaders and pike leaders (if pike around and you want them)
    Panther Martin 1/8 and ¼
    Ball bearing swivels
    Siwash Hooks on all spinners/spoons – crimp the barb
    BB mainly and some bigger shot, put in pull bottle
    Mosquito and other Dry Flies for grayling/trout/charr/varden
    Gold Bead and other small Nymphs
    Pink, Purple, Black Egg Sucking Leeches
    Polar Shrimp
    Floating Mouse/Rat Deer Hair Flies for Trout
    Fly Vest - knot tying tool, hemostat/needle driver, nipper, ruler, tape measure, strike indicators, hook sharpener
    1 small bottle of 100% Deet
    Extra line loop mono or fly line connectors

    Leatherman with blade, file, saw, etc. (Charge series is nice)

    1 or 2 Travel Spinning Rods – the cheap Shakespeare 6 piece worked for us – break them in at home and they won’t fly apart on casts the first few days.
    Size 3 or 4 Spinning Reel w/good drag and w/2 spools
    10lb Yozuri Co-Polymer
    25 lb Spiderwire

    15 - 20 lb Flouro for leaders
    0x and 3x leaders Flouro 7-9’ leaders 6 of each for a week
    6 lb & 10/12 lb Flouro Tippet

    Wear waterproof hunting boots and good boot socks on plane, just in case on flyout or boat ride to camp, then you are already set.

    GOOD rain jacket for wading
    Light but good rain suit (You’ll be in waders mostly anyway usually but nice on a boat ride back to civilization, around camp)
    Hefty bags – 1 gallon and 3 gallon. Put your plane clothes in a bag on arrival, wear them home again. Put in underwear, socks too. Everyone looks like a bum in the Anchorage airport. Don’t worry about shaving or anything to get on the plane. Wrinkle free shirt is nice.

    Plastic Bottles of Booze. Bring more, not less than you think.

    Tip Money for Guides, few extra checks

    Fuji or other waterproof camera’s do a fine job of pic and video, get extra cards, batteries, maybe even a camera lifevest if you drop it.

    IF room
    Fleece winter hat
    Snack Food
    Water flavoring
    Hard Candy if you have a sweet tooth
    Jerky/Snack food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd_NE View Post
    Fuji or other waterproof camera’s do a fine job of pic and video

    I would much rather see some pics from the trip than the packing list
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    You are good, but note the following: I am soon to bail my brand name custom leather and canvas trimmed cargo roller and will replace it with a nondescript nylon cargo roller in order to gain the opportunity to pack an additional 5-7 lbs. of support material.

    Weight restrictions leave me with no choice. You can't fight these guys. You have to learn to work within their constraints.

    Pack right or pay; there is no other reslove...

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