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Thread: Evening Stroll With The Dogs

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    Default Evening Stroll With The Dogs

    I'd had a horrible day that started with a simple "honey do" that quickly turned into a can of worms like some home projects have a way of doing. To avoid subjecting my family to my bad attitude after I'd finished my project, I decided to take my labs out for a stroll on Anchorage's backyard refuge. I didn't expect much from my trip as I never count on much from this area. If I bring 1 bird back fom the ACWR I consider it a great hunt. We walked the marsh, checked a few small ponds, enjoyed the rainbow over the Bear Valley area of the Chugach, and made our way toward the treeline and the trail back to the truck.

    There's a small pond I like to check on the way back. Every once-in-a-while I manage to pull a duck or two out of it. My older dog heeled as directed, but my pup still has some "control issues" while being excited by the hunt and the sight of another pond to swim in. The pond was vacant, or so I thought. We continued to work our way around the edge, and much to my surprise 2 GWT's started to swim away. As they lifted off I swung on the bird to my left that was making for the trees. After two misses it was time to swing on the other that made the mistake of staying in the open. Thankfully, I connected on the other bird and didn't have to endure the look of disapointment from my dogs. One bird in hand and we made our way back home for dinner with a much improved attitude.

    I love the rare days of easy limits, but sometimes just a simple hunt is all it takes to make an imperfect day perfect.

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    Default Indeed

    You are correct, sometimes it is the simplest of times that makes all the difference. Glad you had a chance to get out for a walk with your dogs. Often that is all it takes to get "centered".


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