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    Has anyone else been to this camp to flyfish for Silvers in September? It was recommended to us and it looks pretty nice.
    We are looking at Kodiak and the Karluk keeps poping up as the place for Silvers in mid September.

    We were hoping that the timing would be right after this trip to possibly fish some of the road streams/rivers for Silvers and Dollies.
    Is there any Halibut fishing this late in the year?

    It is a mostly unguided trip after a quick tour where you get a boat to fish on your own.
    Link below.

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    As a side note, George Riddle runs a similar type deal on the Kvichak River. This is a famous rainbow trout fishery to say the least. September would be an ideal time to be there I suspect. Got plans on taking the wife there myself one day soon. George is a class act and a forum member here as well. I would compare what he has to offer to other ideas you are forming.

    George guided the guys filming the show "Seasons on a Fly" recently. You can go to this site and see three videos. On "Recent Adventures" on the right side of the page, scroll down towards the bottom and there are three Kvichak videos.

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    Awesome videos Dan! I could watch them all day! George Riddle is obviously the man for finding huge bows! Great post and I wish only the best to George and his future success! He obviously has the rainbows dialed in!


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