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    Default delta clearwater

    anyone know when the silvers show up in clearwater? what tackle have you used there... last time i went i was younger than 10 so i dont remember

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    mid-end of September in normal. I have caught a silver as early as the 5 Sept and as late as 1st week November.

    Try large in-line spinner for casting hardware (#6 Vibrex) and egg sucking leeches (I like purple) for fly rod. Grayling are present also and will still surface feed at times of the day.

    I think I will go down there in a couple weeks. Stay warm and have fun!
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    I'm hoping/planning on heading that way the 23rd and 24th. I have never been out that way but have always thought it sounded like fun so why not this year. I may probably end up renting an MWR boat so if anyone has any suggestions on where to head and/or what to look for once on the river let me know or if anyone wants to come along send me a PM and we will see what we can work out.

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    Bring some sand for the launch wouldn tbe a bad idear, she can get pretty slick for the pull out.

    You can go up, or down, with a boat you are mobile, and with the water as clear as glass you can run till you find fish. Kinda like spot and stalk fishing. This method here works extremely well!

    Bring some wogs and watch for fish in backwater pools or slower areas, they WILL come up. I prefer a fuschia bunny fly to everything else! Purple and pink popcicles in the slower water would be my next choice. And of course find a couple pink poly wogs. We have ran back to town to find fuschia fingernail polish for a buddys vibrax's, made the change and wamo!

    We have also used cone head bunnies on spinning rods with kids, it works well. Find the largest snap swivel you can and dont use 100lb line on the rod,she'll cast just fine.

    Be mobile, when you fond a pod of fish, fish them till they shut off and move. Oh and btw, there is also chums the first part of OCT in the river too! You dont hear about it often, but they are always there!

    Dont be discouraged if you're bank fishing. I remember the number of years we did and we did catch fish, but not like what we did in a boat. If you are up for it, you could do the float but plan on a full day so get there EARLY! And plan on sore arms if you do if the fish are around !


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