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    Default Freezer disaster

    I am so completely bummed out right now.

    So, the garage tripped sometime last week. Which means the freezer was off for about 5 days. Which means the 150lbs of Halibut, 100lbs of Salmon and 150lbs of Caribou we got this summer is RUINED. No fish/bou this winter.

    Oh yeah, and my boyfriend is in the CoastGuard, so we leave Alaska at the beginning of June. Which means I won't have Halibut/Salmon/Bou again for who knows how long.... =(

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    Bummed is probably putting it mildly. I'm sorry to hear about that stroke of bad luck for you folks Crimson.

    Was it still chilled enough for you to maybe can it, or has it gone beyond that point?

    Something almost similar happened to us last year (just dodging the bullet on temp though.) It's a hard stroke of luck but remember how heartfeltfully grateful you were when Ma Nature provided for you this past year and then go on.

    - Jay

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    Sorry to hear that!! I lost about $400 bucks in store bought food when the compressor on my brand new freezer burned up. This prompted me to get a freezer with an LCD temp display and a battery powered temp alarm.

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    Well I don't have to worry about a temp alarm to keep caribou, salmon and halibut cold. I'll be outta here by June so I won't have any meat next winter to worry about. =(

    Thanks though. Boyfriend is looking into seeing if his renters insurance might take care of it. $500 deductible, but considering we had about 1,000 in just Halibut...

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    Not to rain on your parade, but I believe if it was sport caught halibut, you had $0.00 in halibut. I was told if ya can't sell it, ya can't put a price tag on it. I could be wrong.


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