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Thread: More range etiquette

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    Default More range etiquette

    So, was up at the range last week. I arrive, gate open, sign is "open", main flag is red, so range is live, new vehicle tracks going to pistol range.
    I drive to the rifle range, red flag is up indicating range is live, so all is go, right? Club rules state green flags are to be raised while downrange setting up targets.
    So I'm getting ready to shoot, setting up etc. I'm sitting down, checking ammo, and I here a noise from down range, and down the road from the 2,3,4,500 yard targets trundles a jeep. He eventually gets back to the firing line, and its one of the "old boys" of the range. I raised this dangerous rule infraction and he just laughed and said that "there was nobody here, and he had lots of time".
    I didn't get into it with the old fella, but he could have been shot, by ME!
    The club rules are very clear on this, and disiplinary actions will be taken against this sort of behaviour.
    So should I report this? Rules are there for all members, not just those not in the inner sanctum of the club.
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    Yes I would report him. I just had a thread about bad safety at a range and I reported what I saw to the people in charge. It's not about hurting someones feelings or ticking off the wrong person, it's about saving somebody's life. Not to mention all the bad press about unsafe gun handeling at such and such a range, let's shut it down or make more laws etc. that the retarded bunny humpers love to spout.


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    Look at it this way:

    If the rest of the club sees that even the old timers can get busted for rule infractions, they'll all believe in the rules. I'd say you're doing the club a favor to bust the dumb cluck, and bust him good.

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    Next time, if you see the jeep downrange (check he is not in it), and the Red Flag is up - empty a mag of 308 into the Jeep. Absolutely no comeback (someone brought a tactical target to the range!!!) and he may learn a valuable lesson.

    Seiously, report him, but watch who report him to, you could just be seen as the new "stirrer" by the rest of the old boys.


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