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Thread: Zodiak/Achilles - Windshield and Canopy????

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    Default Zodiak/Achilles - Windshield and Canopy????

    I am looking at getting a larger inflatable (16'-18'). Main reason is for me and my 8 year-old to get out and about and fishing around Kodiak. However, it will also be used (on fair days) to get wife and other 2 younger kids out around bays and close in islands.
    Over time I want to add creature comforts. Seats etc are easy, biggest thin Google-fu is not helping with is Windshields and canopy. I have seen the on inflatables, is there a manufacturer or are they all custom made? Anyone know anywhere on Kodiak that would make?
    Reason I am not going for alluminum boat is for ease of towing and also for me to be able to launch from slip on my own.


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    They are custom made and the fabricator will need the boat to fit and fab it. As for someone in Kodiak that can do it, I have no idea. I do have a canopy with windsheild and side curtains that was used on a 17 foot Avon inflatable I once owned, it is in excellent conditon. If you are interested it may be altered to fit ( if required ) at far less than having a complete new made.

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    Attachment 39943Custom made my own. trick was the two pcs of aluminum bent to the fronts shape, then the frame of the lexan where it hits the aluminum, 1 pcs of trim on the outside 1 on inside staggered.


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