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Thread: Snow Conditions in Cantwell/Summit?

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    Default Snow Conditions in Cantwell/Summit?

    Anyone have any recent information on snow conditions? Thinking of heading to one of the two this weekend.

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    We rode Summit last weekend....the snows a little tore up next to the rode at Monunent but if you leave the road system and get back as far as the glacier there's good snow to be found. The warm weather they had a week ago out there has the snow set up like concrete, you can go just about anywhere you point your sled.....up-hill or down-hill.

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    Default Cantwell beautiful!

    Was at Cantwell for the first time today ... It was lovely and especially since I'm a newbe. We parked at the Igloo and rode Northwest from there. Still lots of nice powder to be found and lots of hop-te-doos to climb/jump. Bless the Lord it was blue sky and sunny otherwise with flat light would be too scary to ride with all the little hills and ditches.


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