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Thread: Grouse Hunting with Daughter

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    Default Grouse Hunting with Daughter

    Looking to take my 6 year old daughter out grouse hunting this month. I've gotten her shooting the .22 but the .410 is a bit much for her (she fired one shot of it and was done). I hunt Ft Rich for grouse but that is a shotgun only area. I haven't had too much luck finding them elsewhere. She and I are up for hiking/covering ground. I'd really love to get her on one grouse this year. Not looking to pillage someone's grouse spot as we wouldn't take but 1, 2 if the opportunity presented itself. I know some areas in the turnagain arm area I would like to cover, but with my schedule and her school schedule, that might not be feasible. I'm in Eagle River, looking for something closer. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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    I have hiked a trail up Peters Creek Valley. Follow a windy steep road up the hill side. Trail head is towards the top of that rd.

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    Default how to get there

    Where is the start to Peter's creek valley at anyway , I have lived here forever and am not sure where it is .


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