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Thread: Seward in september

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    I have a few free airline US tickets that expire in September. I would like to see Seward and take a one day fishing charter. How limiting are the days there now? Any charter suggestions. Thanks as always.

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    I can't help much with Seward. Sorry. But if you think you might like to see Homer I can help you out there. I'll be fishing for winter kings from now until the spawners start coming through next spring and will also be chasing any halibut that are around out there, too.
    Year round saltwater fishing adventures in Homer, AK.

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    How is your business in September?

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    For sure no better tasting salmon that Winter Kings, Yummmmmmy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARTSBEST View Post
    How is your business in September?
    Right now pretty non-existent, but I'm not going to let that stop ME from going out there. I'm not sure why everyone thinks Labor Day means time to stop fishing. After Sept. 30th there is no seasonal or yearly limit on the number of kings you can catch (south of the 59 40 parallel where I normally fish). And, as I said, there are always halibut to be had, too. Fish on!
    Year round saltwater fishing adventures in Homer, AK.


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