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Thread: Interested in a waterfowl guide

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    Default Interested in a waterfowl guide

    My partner and I have a couple of 4 year olds that desparately want to go duck hunting with us. The problem is that all of our spots involve a lot of hard walking through marsh which will never happen with them at this point.

    This will be their first hunting trips ever, so I want this to be a really good experience. I'm thinking that the best way to make that happen would be to get hooked up with a guide who could make the transport in and out easy via something like a boat. I'm just interested in an afternoon or morning due to short attention spans.

    Obviously, this whole thing will be based on getting the kids a good experience. Let 'em blow on some calls, ride around in a boat, bring their favorite snacks, elaborate face paint, that kind of stuff. We may have to leave early, but whatever. If the guide has a dog that is friendly - bonus points. Hopefully we even get to shoot at a few ducks.

    I did some searching and can find only one website of a guide near Anchorage, and that is in Kenai - Big Reid Guide Service. I will send them an email, but if anyone has any other recommendations or general input, I would appreciate it.

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    Big Adam Reid is also on here as "yukon" I believe. He mainly hunts out on the hay flats off the knik side. right now he is probably guiding trout fishermen on the Kenai.

    The ADFG has a listing of waterfowl guides on their website somewhere. Most are big game guides that also take clients out for birds if they want to. However, there are a few actual duck guides on there, but most are not hunting around Anchorage.

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    Kodiak outdoor adventures guides clients for sea ducks in Kodiak not sure where or how far you want to take it.

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    You could always check with Tim Bouchard and see what he can do for you. I know he mostly caters to multi day trips, but you might be able to work something out. He does boat trips out of Valdez for sea ducks, but I believe he also does some puddle duck hunts on the Hay Flats and near Valdez. Alaska Wildfowl Adventures is his company. He goes by tbduck on here.


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