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Thread: 2010 Fall Bear thread

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    Default 2010 Fall Bear thread

    Well, I didn't get my bear this spring so I'm going to try and get one this fall. My plan is to hike some trails on the Kenai and in the Chugach to get above tree line and then just sit tight and glass. I'm also considering trying some of the archery registration hunts in the Anchorage area.

    Anyone else trying the same and want to share any info? I'm 100% on foot or via truck. Any advice for me?
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    I'm sure you've heard it before, CLIMB! Hiked Russian Lakes trail today, and while we did see a TON of scat down low, the only bears seen were wayyyy up on the side of the mountains. I'm in the same boat as you and hoping to connect this year. I've seen a number of bears but timing or location is always bad.

    Best of luck! Get up high near the berries and you'll find them.

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