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Thread: Hatcher Pass question

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    Default Hatcher Pass question

    I've been here over a year, but not much. I've heard there are sport routes up there (for non-climbing folks that means there are bolts to clip your caribiners to). Even a chance some of them are covered enough to climb when there is a some rain. Is there a decent guide book or any info online?

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    The Monolith out at the very end of Archangel Rd has some nice trad routes. Last time my wife and I climbed there it rained on us and things got pretty nasty. We bailed from the face climbs and headed for the relative safety of the nearby cracks.... My advice would be to avoid climbing there in the rain!

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    There is a new guidebook that came out last year by Kelsey Gray that has a lot of Hatcher Pass sport routes. Don't limit yourself to the monolith, there are other awesome routes in Hatcher.


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