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Thread: Kodiak Silver?

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    Default Kodiak Silver?

    Any word on the silver run on Kodiak roadsystem? See the weir counts are a little low on the Buskin but heard that they are coming in on the Pasagshak according the weekly fishing report.
    Anyone got a feel on if they are in river and holding? I know it has not been raining much over the past week. Headed there on Fri, hope things start to get going.

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    i hear pasagshak is the hot place right now ck games and fish wier counts

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    From AFGD - Silver salmon fishing along the Kodiak road system is reportedly excellent at Pasagshak River drainage, and fair at Buskin and Saltery rivers. Angler reports have not been received for other road zone streams. The Buskin river silver salmon weir count of 500-600 is approximately 30% below the recent 10 year average for this date. In the Remote Zone silver fishing has been outstanding at Afognak River drainage.

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    just got back from the nak so i haven't been out yet i'll go tomorrow. I hear the shak is of the hook as well as olds


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