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    This may have been answered previously in another thread, but I am not aware of one. I have been reading the regs and have a question about transporting. It seems they are pretty clear that if you are contacted by LEO with meat or other parts, you better have a filled out tag (if you have left the kill site) or the form that is on the back of the regs for transfer of possession.

    Here is a scenario that I am mulling over (completely hypothetical so don't assume anything):

    Let's say I am out with a buddy hunting on two four wheelers and we are back a ways from the truck. Let's say I drop a really nice moose (big one) and we don't have a trailer. We start the field dressing process and get a bunch of meet bags (not all of it) and decide we can't get it all out in one load. Let's say my buddy decides to take a load out to the truck on his wheeler (all meat) and leaves with it. Let's say he get's to the truck and there is Trooper Rick. He has meat, no tag (he didn't shoot the animal) and no form for transfer. Question: can Trooper Rick give him a ticket for illegal possession or transport? Or does it mean that Trooper Rick accompanies him back to my kill site or waits for me to bring a load out? I am just curious as I honestly don't know and would hate to find out with a citation.

    To me, the transfer form is meant for say we got it all out and my buddy decides to take it back to town while I stay out and enjoy the woods for a couple days. It seems there should be a "in the vicinity of the kill site" clause or something or maybe I am just over thinking this.

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    I would say the technical answer is, your partner needs the form. However, with the tag holder being only a mile or 2 or 3 away from the truck, it would be unlikely the troop would write a citation. He may follow or wait for the next load tho.
    perhaps the better idea, if the pards need to seperate, is for the tag holder to take the meat to the truck.
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    Thanks MT. I think your explanation is correct. I suspect it is another grey area, although one likely not to get you in trouble in this scenario. Since the regs are pretty clear on how "the field" is defined, I think the trailhead, i.e. truck, could technically be considered still in "the field". I have been trying to better understand all the regs, especially for where I hunt, and the other thread about the decoy really got me thinking. Ignorance is not an excuse as the regs clearly state (one of the few things that is perfectly clear), and it seems a PhD or at least a masters degree is required to interpret them (I have neither). Now if my buddy took the truck to get a coffee, then I think it would be ticketable because he would technically be leaving the field.


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