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    From my understanding if you possess a RC860 tag then at the same time you cannot possess a RM865 tag. So my buddy who is a nonresident is coming hunting with me. We both will have RM865 tags (moose). Can he shoot a caribou and fill it out on his moose tag? I know in other areas that is legal. But am not familiar with 20E. We are not planning on a caribou but you never know where that 500" caribou may come from

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    ak sagebrush,

    caveat: Anything I or anyone else tell you on this forum as far as game regs should never be considered to be the actual legal truth. Meaning - call wildlife troopers or F&G to be sure.

    But here's the way I see it. In areas where moose and caribou are open to nonresidents under a general open season (no permit required), the non-res hunter can use a higher price locking tag (moose) to take a caribou instead of a moose.

    But in areas where permits (either draw or registration) are required, the hunter must have the appropriate permit for that game species to legally hunt for that animal.

    Nonresidents can only hunt moose or caribou in Unit 20E via a registration permit that stipulates they can't hold both a moose and caribou permit.

    So, the answer imo is NO, if your buddy holds the RM 865, for moose, caribou isn't an option at all in unit 20E.

    Good luck on the hunt!

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    Well put Mark
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