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    I am thinking about building an interior room in my garage at the cabin that would be **** near impossible for someone to get into and am looking for ideas. This is a place that I would put my gun safe in plus use for long term food storage, etc. A metal door with a crossbar and a beefed up frame is a given but am wondering what to do about the walls. I am figuring 2 x 6 construction with sheetrock either side but am looking for something relatively cheap to fill the walls with. I am thinking of something that couldn't be kicked in or opened up with a chainsaw.

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    Frame a 2x6 wall, put a layer of chainlink on each side. Sheet in 3/4CDX over the top of the chainlink. The chainlink makes it nearly chainsaw, kick-in proof..but nothing is completely fool proof. The weak point will always be the door. Does the garage have a concrete floor? If so, I would pour concrete walls.
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    I have always wanted to do a gun room in my basement of concrete tip up walls. I plan to use 4 channel iron frame with rebar welded in laid down on plastic and filled with concrete. Once they cure stand them up and weld the corners together. Nothing is brake-in proof but concrete and steel will sure slow a thief down and are about as fire resistant as it gets.
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    It does have a concrete floor but the cost of pouring concrete walls sounds like more than I want to spend. I like the chainlink and 3/4 CDX idea. I have a monitored alarm installed so really want something to keep them busy for the 30 - 60 minutes needed before a Trooper shows up.

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    it's sad but a grim reality that we must deal with thieves but our choices are unlimited as to what we can do to prevent loss based solely on our pocketbooks & imagination, concrete reinforced w/steel & a steel door makes a great deterrant & practically fireproof, a steel reinforced wall incorperated into wood frameing with studs placed closer together, build a "false" wall with your goods placed behind/inside, a roll off container makes a great storage/vault all though you would need to cut/modify to fit inside the garage, figure the value of what you put inside, could you afford the loss of the items simply because you skimp on the integrity of the construction, i speak from experience as the theives broke into my garage & stole chainsaws,tools,camping equip, etc. .

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    I have heard of people running rebar horizontally through the wall studs before any wall sheeting is applied. Would probably need to drill the holes before framing. Always thought it might be entertaining to see someone run a chainsaw into such a setup while trying to cut their way in


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