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Thread: Need Help from Kodiak People

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    Default Need Help from Kodiak People

    We're coming over on the ferry on Sept. 11th to fish the road system. We're considering hooking up the ATV trailer and bringing it with us.

    I don't think we would want to have the trailer behind us 24/7 so I'm trying to figure out if there is somewhere I could drop the trailer for a day or two here and there during our week visit with the ATV on it. Is there a storage lot available or does someone on here have some extra room. I don't mind if I need to pay a fee, {as long as it's not too much.}
    Appreciate any thoughts, advice or help.


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    I don't live on Kodiak, but if you just do a Google search for "storage kodiak alaska" I get a whole bunch of different storage places over there. Give it a shot.
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    The parking folks at the airport also have a fenced storage yard, as I recall. Same folks have rent-a-wreck or whatever it's called.

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    Who are you staying with? Should be able to stash a trailer there for a day or two. If you intend to buy some dinner and drinks the folks at the Rendezvous bar 487-2233 which is out the road may be able to hook you up as well.


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