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Thread: cranes in the valley??

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    Default cranes in the valley??

    got a weird bug to shoot a crane..just want one to say i've done it. i see them buzzin' around up high but have no idea where they set at...if anyone can give me some pointers thru a pm or otherwise i'd be say..just need one for the photo alblum!!
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    they are fattening up on oats and barley for the long fly. recommend you make friends with one of our fine grain farmers, as there's not a whole lot of public ground they stop at in the fall. the spring is another story, but of course you and I aren't priviledged enough to get a shot at them then.

    oh, and you better act quick, they were heading up the knik to valdez by the hundreds all day today. watched an eagle soaring waaay up with 'em and harassing a big flock. kind of amusing.

    pm sent.

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    Can't help you on the valley (otherwise I'd be there), but they decoy easy in fields, are fun to shoot and are actually pretty decent tasting.


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