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Thread: Hual road hunt for 2011

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    Default Hual road hunt for 2011

    planing on taking my sjx boat are there any good spots for camping by the launch I plan running bach and forth each day going up with four people any advise is good thanks Chris

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    Plenty of camping by the launch, you won't have any problems there. You'll burn a lot of gas going back and forth though, I've always set up camp in the legal zone to keep from wasting time and fuel. I've hauled up 5 people, gear and gas in my Predator. Hauled all that and several caribou out in one trip as well.

    Since you are just doing day trips, make sure you have gear to survive overnight in case something happens. Bring tools to take apart the jet unit in case you lodge some rocks in there.

    Make sure you are a full 5 miles off the road before shooting, been plenty of folks think they are far enough up and were pretty short. If you are past the Echooka, you are definately in the good.

    *Edit* it just registered that this is the bowhunting forum, but I'm sure you realized my last statement was for the rifle hunting area. You can also launch from right around 70 mile (orange pipeline mile markers) and down at Ice Cut. You won't be able to get 5 miles off from there, but you will definately be able to get away from the crowds.


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