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Thread: Free Day Sept. 9-10

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    Okay just found out the wife is going to be out of town and I feel a *cough cough* sickness that may keep me out of work for Sept9th-10. I am up in Fairbanks but am willing to drive a little if needs be to get into some good/interesting fishing. I don't have a boat but do have waders/etc. and multiple types of gear? What will be going on in the Wasilla/Palmer area around then? What about getting into some new grayling spots (not the Chena). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check out the Denali Highway. We're doing it this weekend and just about every roadside creek is stuffed full of Grayling!

    Or Delta Clearwater, but the best of the best is accessed by boat, or so I hear. There are still supposed to be some really good spots near the campground, though!

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    If you drive down to Palmer/Wasilla I would stop off and prospect a few of the Parks streams. Sheep still had some bright silvers last weekend according to a buddy of mine, and any of the other streams should still have some salmon to mess around with. Bring your trout gear along and hit these same streams for bows. If you find some salmon swing some egg patterns behind them.


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