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Thread: Camping options 1st week of October

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    I believe that historically this is the last weekend the Russian River and other campgrounds in the Chugach family are technically open for business. (booking reservations online and charging for camp sites). Does anyone know if there is a plan to keep the same two camping loops open on a first come first served basis offering limited services in the Russian and Quarts campgrounds like has been done in the past? I have seen a few posts referencing the RRCG as the place to be in late September and am just looking to confirm it will still be available for use. If this is the case, how late in the year do these stay open? I am trying to nail down my options for the first week of October.


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    The Rainbow and I believe it's the Chinook or King loops are kept open until there is too much snow on the road to drive in.
    This was told to us last year by the fellow that was looking after the CG last fall.


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