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Thread: 350 RM loads

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    Default 350 RM loads

    I've been messing around, working up some loads for my 673.
    As follows:
    61 grs RL-15 ~2678 FPS
    62 grs RL-15 ~2733 FPS
    59 grs W748 ~2692 FPS (excess pressure signs, bolt sticky to open)
    All under a 225 Nosler Part.
    The 61 grains of Rl-15 was shooting VERY well, 1" group @ 100 yds.
    Quite dissapointed with the W-748. Noticeabley more felt recoil, almost knocked the Chrony over, and less velocity.
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    I just zeroed mine (24" M700) using 55.5gr AA2230 and the Sierra 225gr. Vel variation is low at 2695 and groups are running .800 /.900 with OAL of 2.835 which is as long as my mag will allow. I have tried H335, IMR 4895 and RL15 as well but my best velocities without pressure have been with AA2230. Accuracy has been good with all powders with most groups running under 1". W 748 may be a little slow for the 350. I'm taking this for moose this year.


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