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    The Alaska Rifle Club will hold the 6^th annual Craig Parker Vintage
    Rifle Match on Saturday, September 4 at the Birchwood "B" range. Sign up
    will be 10 AM. The Match will start a 10:30am Match fee will be $20.00.

    *Rifle model and caliber must have been in use before 1945.* According
    to Craig: "The guns allowed are any guns that were in production in 1945
    or the civilian equivalent. Bring your old gun and shoot it. Tell the
    folks that period dress is encouraged." If you have any more questions
    email Craig Parker at: <> To keep in the
    spirit of the vintage rifle we will discourage use of target type
    rifles, specifically rifles such as Model 70 Winchester. So bring out
    your old M-1, lever rifle, Mauser, or the "Safe Queen".

    There will be two classes of rifles:

    1. Vintage Rifles: Iron sights. Shooting coats allowed, no optical sights.

    2. Vintage Sniper Rifles. 1903A4, M1C, M1D etc. Rifles used as sniper
    rifles with the period correct optical sight (no modern target scopes).
    Remember you have to reload for the rapid fire.

    Craig Parker has the final say on what rifles are allowed.

    The course of fire is 40 shot plus sighters on the 5V target. We will
    be shooting ten shots at each position for a total of 40 rounds for
    record. The match will be run as follows. First position will be prone
    slow fire where the competitor will get two sighters prior to the ten
    rounds from that position for record. Second, without leaving the line
    the next string will be prone rapid fire with ten rounds in 70 seconds
    from a standing start. Third, will be sitting rapid fire with ten rounds
    in 60 seconds. *Rapid fire stages include a reload so bring stripper
    clips or 2 magazines. * Fourth will be ten rounds of standing slow fire.
    A traveling trophy donated by Craig Parker will be awarded to the winner
    and all participants will be invited to The Pizza Man in Eagle River
    after the match. When checking targets be careful because your score
    card will be the target.

    Hope for good weather and come on out for the Vintage Rifle Match.

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club

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    come shoot!

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    -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Vintage MatchDate: Mon, 06 Sep 2010 13:14:14 -0800From: Craig Parker <>To:

    Once again the ghost of Craig Parker officiated over the Memorial Vintage Rifle Match Sept. 4, 2010
    The match winner will have his name engraved on the traveling trophy- to be revered in perpetuity.
    All participants celebrated the lull in the rain for the duration of activities followed by Pizza, Beer and fellowship at Eagle River's famous Pizza Man. All in all, a great time was had by everyone.

    1. Chuck Fryer 189-8V M1 Garand 30-06 Match winner for the 3rd time.

    2. Al Nyback 182-2V Swedish Mauser 6.5mm X 55mm

    3. Jon Terhune 181-5V M1 Garand 30-06

    4. Dave Allen 157-0V K-31 Swiss 7.5mm X 55mm

    5. Mark Friest 147-2V M1 Garand 30-06

    6. Ben Gruenwald 100-2V M98 Mauser 8mm X 57mm

    7. Abe Kalvan 94-1V 1922 Springfield .22rf

    8. Chris Tomsen 49-0V M1 Garand 30-06


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