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Thread: Shark fishing this weekend - maybe

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    Default Shark fishing this weekend - maybe

    May be shark fishing this weekend, maybe not. But if I do and I catch one I'd consider keeping it only if it was smallish. For those who have caught salmon shark and successfully processed it, how to you bleed it and is there a technique for processing it? Gut it and cut it into steaks? Something else? Any information would be appreciated.

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    It was several years back - but basically once the fish was next to the boat we harpooned it then shot it with a bang stick - or maybe it was the other way around (need to watch that video again!). Captain tied the tail off to the boat with a short rope and we immediately rollet it on its back and then gutted it - immediately. After about 10 minutes we pulled it into the boat and kept water on them (we killed 3) until back at port.

    At the dock we did the picture thing with lots of attention from lots of folks. We filleted the fish - more like filleting a pork. Then we steaked the meat into about 2 pound chunks. When we cooked it we then finished steaking them to about 3/4 inch thick and cooked them in the oven like you would halibut - very important to NOT overcook it.

    The shark is very rich and filling. A small piece goes further than would halibut or ling.

    My uncle had one large steak left this summer (after 4 years) and my son wanted it. He took it back to Montana with him and cooked it up for friends - everyone loved it.

    PS. They sure pull hard....but my Wife landed hers in 10 minutes - it was in the boat in 15 minutes. It came right up to the boat with no fight. It was a small male. The others that we caught were a different story and plumb kicked our buts.

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    Here's a couple of links to a shark filleting tutoriasl.

    There are plenty of YouTube videos on it as well as tons of Yahoo search sites. The ones I've eaten back east from offshore of NC were mako, blue, black tip, etc. The key thing is they pee throught their skin and have lots of urea in them. The trick is head removal ASAP or spine sever to stop the organ function. ( watch your hands and feet!) The test for seafood market purchases is the same - smell it. Does it smell like pee? Buy elsewhere. Hope this helps. It should apply to salmon sharks as well. The flavor when processed correctly is outstanding! texture of steak - flavor like lobster


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    Thanks guys. Now I REALLY want to catch one!


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