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Thread: glock 20 sf holster for mystery ranch waistbelt

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    Default glock 20 sf holster for mystery ranch waistbelt

    Well I finally purchase my first pistol and so far I couldn't be happier. Now I will need a quality holster that will attach to the molle webbing on my mystery ranch waist belt. I have looked at a few but really do not know what is ideal. Do most of you use one that has a strap that holds the firearm in place? I did a little reading on glocktalk and some say if you get one that fits good enough that you do not need a strap. Whatever I purchase must be ambidextrous. Thanks

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    not sure about any ambidextrous holsters, but I personally prefer a locking holster. My favorite holster is a Blackhawk SERPA. It uses a locking action to attatch to the front of the trigger guard so there is no need for a backstrap, and uses a very intuitive index finger release press. Come in belt loop and paddle style (I prefer paddle). At $25 to $30 you could buy two of them if you wanted and just swicth sides lol.
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    I also use a Serpa with my cartridge belt:,1172,1412.htm

    See also:

    The basic Bianchi military holster works well if you don't mind unclipping it before you draw:

    I live a fairly shletered life, but I don't think I have ever seen, or even heard of, an ambidextrous pistol holster. How would that work? And why would anyone ever need one? The Serpas come in either left or right. But I can't imagine both. If your right arm gets blown off, you could just tuck the G20 in your belt on your left side. You'll have bigger things to worry about than gun retention at that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis77 View Post
    I did a little reading on glocktalk and some say...

    That was your first mistake

    Been there, done that. Keep in mind, most them goobers and only carrying their guns back and forth to the gun range. If you intend to carry your Glock for woods protection and such, forget 95% of what you read on that website.

    You want a good holster, check out the leather at the Desantis website. I got their NY shoulder holster for my G20 a few months back. Nicest holster I have owned. Very well made. Many different style holsters for your gun. Might want to take a look.

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    Kifaru makes a Molle Holster attachment that will attach to the MR Belt and then you can use any Holster with a 2"opening

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    I also use a Serpa with the MOLLE accessory to attach to my Gunslinger waistbelt. If you need ambi just get two of them??

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    Takes mine everywhere and anywhere around this state.

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    Any good quality thumb-break style leather or cordura style holster that will accept molle would do just fine.


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