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Thread: Thinking of putting a jet sled together...

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    Default Thinking of putting a jet sled together...

    Have a 1995 Mercury 115 w/jet and prop. Thinking of pulling the motor and selling the boat and wondered what kind of range in size would work with this outboard. I don`t haul alot of stuff but if I can carry a 4-wheeler once in a while that would be nice. My first thought is a 18' john style. I have a center console and all kinds of stuff but need direction.

    New to skinny water but enjoy it when I`m out with a friend. His is a 16' john w/an anemic 35 on it and want to be able to have the power on tap when needed.

    Thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Depends on the budget. I am partial to wooldridge boats and you may be able to score a great deal on an older one in need of a repower. The 17'6" boats do well with a 115. Mine runs pretty darn good w/ a 90 merc on it and would be even better w/ something a bit larger.

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    I'd go 1860 G3 with a 90, but that's just me.
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    We are running a 17' Alumaweld (pretty heavy) with a 115 2-stroke and get around 35mph out of it. Lots of power and will carry a significant load. I've run 4 adults, 6 kids, and gear for a day trip down the Little Su and still managed to keep on step pretty easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARV1 View Post
    I'd go 1860 G3 with a 90, but that's just me.
    Marv, do you have a 1860 G3 w/ center console?
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