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Thread: Glock 20 sf holster for mystery ranch waist belt

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    Default Glock 20 sf holster for mystery ranch waist belt

    I just purchased a 10mm(shoots really good btw) and need a left side holster for my MR belt. This will need to be the kind that attaches by molle webbing. Do you guys reccommend on that has a strap or one that fits tight enough that does not require one? Thanks

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    I have a military style for my G20 that can be used either left or right handed and it will work with the MOLLE. I am not at home but will check the brand when I do get home.

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    I just saw this thread so I may be too late to contribute, but if not, here goes...

    For my G20 I have a Blackhawk holster; they make it in MOLLE, left, and right. I'm not a huge fan of the tactical nylon products of Blackhawk because IMHO the customer service and the quality of sewing have fallen below other manufacturers in the past 15 or so years. Their SERPA holsters are a different story...they are fine products at a decent price. I have one for my G 20 that can be used with my G 21 and I have one for my M9 (since I have better confidence with my gear than the Army's gear when I can get away with it).



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