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Thread: Anybody got a reduced load for a 458 winmag and 300 gr bullets ??

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    Default Anybody got a reduced load for a 458 winmag and 300 gr bullets ??

    Shooting the new Barnes 300 gr tipped TSX bullet.
    That is bullet is designed for the 458 socom and is designed for socom speeds.

    Would like to shoot it at about 2200-2400 fps.

    The Hodgdon site has a starting load for a barnes XFB of 74 gr of Benchmark at 2376.
    Don't have any benchmark powder though.

    Have seen other loads on loaddata for 300 gr barnes bullets over RL7 at 2200, 2300, 2400 but dont have a subscription for loaddata so you cant see the actual charge.

    From my calcs a RL 7 load would be about an 82% fill which I am not thrilled with.

    Have also seen similar loads using IMR 4198.

    Dont want to run into any issues with hangfires or secondary ignition etc.

    Any advise is welcome.

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    Use a magnum primer and you won't have any probs. You can call Accurate and ask a ballistician for a recommendation.
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