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Thread: Value of pre-64 M-70 action?

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    Default Value of pre-64 M-70 action?

    I was thinking about building a 338-06. I don't need one... just thought it would be interesting to play with...
    A friend has a 1949-1950 era M-70 standard that has been re-bored to 338-06. It was a 30-06. The stock is probably 85% and the metal 85-90 %. I am weighing the options.
    It has been awhile since I have bought an action. The last couple rifles I built were from actions I have owned for several years.

    Your Thoughts?
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    I got a nice 300 h&h action last year for $450. Some prices seem rediculous, but if you a look around good deals can be found.

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    nothing wrong with the .338-06, one of my favorite calibers. Most if not all my rifles have been built on a specific action..all controlled fed. that .338-06 that I favor is on a Rem. Model 30, little 20" bbl....jeweled bolt, NECG, old school Lyman rear peep, stock work done by a Guild member and rebored by Jim Dubell. what does this gets pretty spendy to do an "action"...just my thoughts.


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