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Thread: DM708 Cow Moose Tag

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    Cool DM708 Cow Moose Tag

    Wife drew this tag this year looking for ideas for access into this area where she has good chance of seeing a Moose. This is portion of 20B drainied by Tatalina River, upstream of the Dunbar-Livengood Trail. DM708 september 1-20.

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    cool.... nothing like short notice... this is a good place to get a cow tag, also get a map of closed lands for ATV use while your at it... the Dunbar has park land that ATVs are a no/no...
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    I would suggest starting your research a little sooner.
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    you seriously need advice on how to find a cow moose... dude, your freaking kidding right!

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    thanks for the replys. I got the RUG permit to access the pipeline from Aleyeska and was able to fly over the area yesterday to locate access points into this area. Only saw on moose in the entire Tatalinia drainage. Hope there are more there when the season opens this week.


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