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Thread: Lowbush Cranberries at Denali

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    Default Lowbush Cranberries at Denali

    I've been berry gathering locally for a few years now and encountered "here and there" lowbush cranberries at Hatcher Pass and elsewhere, but never found any sources locally to produce more than a handfull of those berries at a time. But this weekend we went to Denali National Park -- and discovered that Riley Creek Campground was packed with lowbush cranberries (and very few campers). They seemed very easy to pick, despite their being only an inch or two off the ground! Easier than mossberries or bog blueberries!

    Lowbush cranberries were also abundant at Wonder Lake (via the green tour bus), as were blueberries. We enjoyed a few handfuls, but will need to make future plans for actual harvest of this delicious "cranberry." We saw a few people outside the Park pulled off on the side of the highway picking something. I assume they were going for either blueberries or lowbush crans.

    Not asking for any secrets here, but is it true that these cranberries are more prevalent the farther north you drive (as in around Cantwell?). Might be worth the trip, even so. And the fall colors up there were spectacular. Wow!
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    We have lots of them up here by Fairbanks.
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    The blueberries and lowbush cranberry are abuntant on the Denali Highway!! Enjoy your picking!
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