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Thread: Camping and some fishing in mid Sept

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    Default Camping and some fishing in mid Sept

    If all works out I will be taking my family on a weekend trip. What would be the best area along the Kenai or kasilof to do this? I'm not too concerned about catching silvers but I would like my son and daughter to have fun and maybe catch something.

    thanks all.

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    Quartz creek on the peninsula should be very good for bows and dollies. Bead fishing will be hitting its stride and well as tossing flesh flies. Same thing on a couple of the areas on the upper kenai that have walk in access. Same thing beads and flesh that time of year is a pretty good bed. Mile marker 57 on the highway has a pull out and trail to walk into the kenai and fish alot of water there. You could spend a day there on one back channel and the main river. Water will be or should be low enough to was accross the channel and allow you to fish it and the main channel. quartz has several pull outs along the road or park in the day use area and hike in.
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    How old are your kids?

    Chuck's advice is dead on. Mile 57 opens up some pretty water.
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    Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can work this out.


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