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    I am moving my wife from Texas to Eagle River in October. I am working in Afghanistan and a BIG Time duck/goose hunter. Can anyone help with info on hunting ducks/geese in Alaska. I missed last season in Texas and dont want to miss anymore. I will be in Eagle River around the 16th of October or so. I have gear. Dont know if I will bring the boat from Texas, long drive. If anyone could help, please e-mail at JAD344@HOTMAIL.COM.



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    An early "Welcome to Alaska!" The Anchorage guys can speak to how much more hunting there will be after mid-October, but you could always head to the coast and whack some sea ducks if the puddle ducks are gone.

    About bringing your boat, you should seriously consider bringing it. Prices and selection are limiting factors for buying a boat up here. Post some pics of your boat and we can comment on its effectiveness up here.

    Are you active military or a contractor in Afghanistan?


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    It gets slow about then. For some reason the ice makes them want to leave. Don't get me wrong I have shot limits with ice everywhere, but it can be a pain in the *****. As Erich said there's always the coast, but even that can be a hit or miss. Really need to know more about your boat, as to if you should bring it or not.

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    Geese are not a big thing here in upper cook inlet. They will fly through in about a two week period in late September. There is so much habitat for them that they never hit the same place twice and none of it is near a road. There is no traditional field hunting in this area. Occasionally you might find a layout blind useful in certain conditions once in a while.

    Ducks may be still around in good numbers, but by late october the water is hard in most spots and you will be looking for resident birds in their special spots. this is when you start traveling to places like Cordova or Cold Bay.

    If you're boat is a flats boat or an open console ocean boat you might want to leave it there. If it is a duck boat with a mud motor then bring it.

    Work on getting a long PCS drive time and stop on your way up and hunt in Canada. You will have to head a little bit out of your way to the east, but it will be worth it to hit Sask or Alberta and have someone else cover the room and board.


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