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Thread: natural insulation and food

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    Default natural insulation and food

    What is the best natural insulation for a remote cabin 12x24 and what should kind of food should i take for at least 6 months.

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    Welcome to the forum and wish you luck. While I'm not the one to really answer your question I can tell you that it would help others to help you if you provided alot more background situational info. The 5 w's. Asking a questions about food for 6 months and insulation is giving the impression of a McCandless situation.

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    What I would urge you to do is to get a small place in town near the library for the winter. A dry cabin with wood heat would give you a little of the feel for remote living. Then go to the store and buy what you think you'll need to last you til May. Stock that in your house. Now your plan for the winter is to eat nothing but what you bought in September, cut all your wood for winter heat, and walk to the library every day and read everything you can about living off the grid.

    Practical experience with a safety net will give you much more knowledge than tips off this site. Read every day...learn....then you'll have an entire summer to prepare for winter next year.


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