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Thread: Reconditioning/coating badly sun-degraded inflatable dinghy fabric.

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    Default Reconditioning/coating badly sun-degraded inflatable dinghy fabric.

    I'm probably picking up a cheap and dirty quicksilver inflatable dinghy, its been parked tilted up on the back of a boat for several years and is the fabric is badly faded and sun-eaten.

    The price is right, but I'd like to coat the tubes in something to spruce it up a bit, maybe power wash it and use that plasti-dip sprayable rubber from a hardware store? Dunno.

    This is just to get me by for a season or two until I get around to making a stich-and-glue pram type dingy.

    Any ideas?

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    West Marine has a product I used it conditioned and protected from UV, sort of goes on like a wax / polish, seemed to keep mine in good condition

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    Start by giving it a good scrubbing with orange citrus hand cleaner with pumice to see what is fade and what is dirt/film. If it is cracked and dry-rotted there are coating products out there, such as gakoflex, and two part truck bed liners work well, depending on the material of the boat. Talk to the guys at ak raft and kayak for info on the proper one to use and what to treat it with before applying.


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    I recommend talking to Alaska Raft Connection for coatings also. 907-250-2271


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