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Thread: A good reason for owning a big boat

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    Default A good reason for owning a big boat

    If she ever asks why you need to buy a bigger boat.....

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    That's a great shot. I'd love to see the next few moments after that.

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    Its amazing what a little "photo-shopping" can do. This picture was concocted by a person over in Sitka - it was even mentioned on the front page of the Sitka Sentinel earlier this year.

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    I can give you a hell of alot of reasons why not to own a bigger boat...$$$

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    I keep looking for a similar photo but with a halibut instead of a whale..some evil computer genius will contrive one someday. A few years back I was fishing out of Homer a couple miles out toward the inlet. Sunny day, flat water. The Captain and my other ship mates had made a big night of it at the Salty Dog the previous evening so I was fishing by myself. The boat was a miniature tug design, open back deck. Every now and then the Captain would wake up and move the boat to a new location but wasn't able to stand up longer than that. On deck, it was a blissfully quiet, a stellar day, fishing was good, with Homer's special brand of scenery, wildlife.

    So, here I am taking it all in, pole in hand, looking out at the world, then back at my pole, down into the water while getting a little sun baked. I hook onto another halibut, reeling in, guessing it was another pig pong paddle sized chicken, almost to the boat, and then swimming out from under the boat pops up this humongous sea lion. Apparently, it had followed the little halibut I had on the line right up the side of the boat shooting out of the water until its head was just above the level to the gunwale. In surprise, seeing the sea lion I kept raising my pole and the little halibut higher. I was so surprised that I half jumped/stumbled backwards, tripping over my own feet with the little halibut flying over my head. That big face and head with the whiskers poking out with water blowing from its nose, snorting ....I thought the thing was coming aboard the boat. Except for my heart beat, it was all over in a moment. I would love to have had a photo of that moment, another Alaska style wildlife experience.


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