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Thread: J-Dock Sport Fishing Seward, AK

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    Default J-Dock Sport Fishing Seward, AK

    Anyone use these guys for a Combo trip? I can't seem to find any reviews of this charter service. Thank you in advance for your opinion.

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    they are just a booking company. They book with the smaller six pack boats in the harbor. they don't own any boats as far as i know

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    J Dock does book for everyone in the harbor, big and little(i.e.-Puffin Fishing Charters, Tim Berg, Fish House, Just-In-time, Seward Fish Company etc). They are actually a processing facility as well. As for having there own boats, I am pretty sure they are part owners in a couple boats. If you wanna book on a 6 pack boat, book on Just-in-Time Charters or Alaskan Summertime Charters. Justin is awesome and so is John of Alaskan. Need a bigger boat call Puffin Fishing Charters they will catch you fish and show you a good time.

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    I'll second Justin. Good guy with skills. He also knows where the fish are.
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