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Thread: Portage Creek / 20 mile salmon?

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    Default Portage Creek / 20 mile salmon?

    Has anyone fished Portage Creek 1 or 2, either in the area where the highway crosses or upstream? I don't even know if you're allowed to fish it inside Portage Valley. Shoreline access is kind of limited at high tide, but at low tide you can really get a lot of places on foot, and most of the bank is hardpack, not glacial mudflat stuff. Just wondering if it's worth a try, even if the run is over and I'm just planning for next year.

    Also, without a boat is there any chance of getting anything from 20 Mile from the bank?

    (Big bonus today: a nice sized pod of belugas were strung out from just inside the mouth of 20 Mile on up the inlet for about a mile. Awesome.)

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    Silvers are in both right now w/some older reds. Always in a jet boat so can`t comment on shore fishing.

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    Last time I was coming out of 20 mile I saw 2 bank fishermen and both had fish on. They were on the Portage side of the stream. I have no idea what they were using for terminal tackle. I'd wear chest waders as it may be easier getting around in the water than through the tall grass etc on the bank.

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    It has been a lot of years back but we used to walk in the tracks headed south from the loading dock there when the trains hauled vehicles into Whittier. We would walk in there and fish the sloughs pretty successfully for silvers. Walking the tracks wasn't a big a problem then as it might be today


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