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    Hey guys I got a buddy that will be in Anchorage an extra day, Sunday, He is looking for somewhere in the valley to catch some silvers.... Hows the silvers doin on Willow, caswell, or the little sue... He is a flyrod guy so thats what he'lll want to use but also has a spinning rod with him... If anyone has hit any fish amd would let me pass the info on to him i would apreciate that a lot.... Thanks Wayne

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    Did surprisingly well at Montana Creek a few days ago. Bright sunshine and warm so used black pattern flies. Maybe something more colorful now that it's raining. Lots of fish of all sizes, species, and colors holding at the mouth. Had to pick and choose finding the fresh ones but definitely worth the trip. Byers Creek is supposedly good too but sort of beary.

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    Willow or the upper end of the Su..

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    Sheep was good this morning, but get there EARLY. The bite was done by 0800.
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